Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What's This I've Got in My Inbox?

I'm usually very resistant to jumping on bandwagons for things that I don't fully understand the mechanism of the operation of. In this case, I know 'what' it's all about, what I opened from a Google mailing list (presumably all people with Gmail got one), but because it has to do with internet security and I don't fully grasp the 'how,' I'm going to personally hold off from doing anything. Just because I'm a scaredy cat.

Here's what I got: 
Coverage of the event:

It's an effort to encrypt internet communications to make snooping through wire taps and intercepted broadcasts less easy for government hacks. (double entendre!)

Most of the important stuff is and can only be done by the big companies, so I'm wary about downloading stuff just because I'm told. But in time to come, it'll become clearer whether or not it's as useful and safe as it's touted to be, and maybe then I'll shuffle my slow feet over to a site to download new software. Note, I'm not superstitious about electronic software. I'm only advancing the notion that the wiser thing to do when you recognize your own ignorance is to not stake out a position just yet, but to wait until you have had time to be educated.

I wonder if this is 'history being made.' Another blog title idea would be "Watching Life Happen." It's certainly true that we can know so much about things that we aren't directly personally individually interacting with, in this day and age, that most of our lives constitute observing the world, rather than doing something to alter its course. Just a thought. 

~ Rak Chazak

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