Saturday, February 27, 2016

Text quote repost

My friend sends me quotes from what she's reading from time to time. I have hardly any opportunity to make posts, but retyping pithy texts is something I can get away with with my schedule.

"Polygamy is, and ever must be, fatal to female dignity and happiness: this, or at any rate concubinage, was practiced, no doubt under mistaken views, by the patriarchs; not that it was ever positively sanctioned by God, for from the beginning He made one woman for man, and by the providential and remarkable fact of the general equality of the sexes as to numbers, He still proclaims in unmistakable language the law of monogamy, but to use an expression of the apostle, He winked at those things: He did not regard it as innocent or convenient, yet He did not say much about it, or punish it, but left it to punish itself, which it most certainly did."

John Angell James, Female Piety

~Rak Chazak