Saturday, July 12, 2014

Topical Bible Study Hub

Here's another hub. I'm going to do more Topical Bible Studies from this point on, and by having a permalink on the sidebar for them, they can be accessed instantly by anybody visiting the blog.

I : Righteousness and Goodness
II: Word Study: Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me
III: Elihu
IV: About that Scarlet Thread (Judah interceding for Benjamin)
V: Solo Scripturo

There are also some which are not identified as "topical Bible studies," yet which do meditate on an insight gained from Scripture. Something of a "Bible Study Lite". But note that these don't include all my more philosophical posts, and ones which don't make extensive use of Bible passages (not much of a Bible study, then, would it be?). Those are what I would call 'treatises,' or 'thoughts,' depending on the length, and I'll be sure to make a hub for them the next time I come online.

The Simplest Scriptural Case for a Young Earth
Jesus, King of Insults
Be Careful What You Pray For
Does Sanctification Come Through Experiences?
What About the Jews? -- a poem, yes, but a thorough study of the question of whether we should pray for Jesus to return soon, with an ending that might surprise you.
7 Deadly Sins:No Such Thing, BUT...

This constitutes the blog posts that have been uploaded *to the date of this hub being posted*. Any further Topical Bible Studies will appear below this text:

[coming soon]

~ Rak Chazak

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