Saturday, July 19, 2014

AWPATT VII: July 11-19 (Thoughts 41-49)

41 It would be a welcome discovery to find that she feels like I treat her differently than anyone else does, and that she likes it. When still not a couple.

42 A girl who’s never been in a relationship, or stayed in one when it became clear it wouldn’t lead to marriage, is a smart girl.

 43 It can’t be overstated, the value of clearly communicating your intentions.

44 Generally speaking, people’s voices don’t have so much variation that some is inherently jarring. It’s usually something that’s easy to ignore—when it’s working normally, you don’t notice it. that said, if on top of everything else, she has a beautiful voice, she can make me very, very weak—soft, rather, for her.

45 Does she like writing letters, getting and reading them? It would be a good way to stay connected, not to mention grow in our understanding of each other and be continually romantic.

46 Knowing that cellulite is easily treated by exercise, its presence would show that someone isn’t physically active. So it would be a warning sign to me that we have different lifestyle interests.

47 Devotion to God is of the utmost importance. If she takes her cues for moral and social behavior from any other source than Christian theology, as being of more importance than it, then her priorities are wrong, her actions are unreliable, and I can’t but keep my distance.

48 What are her keenest interests? Her priority reading list should be theologically relevant—the works of Spurgeon, Luther, Calvin rather than popular fiction, for example. It reveals a presence or lack of desire to continue to learn and grow in wisdom. In a very practical sense, it would suggest to me her willingness to “sit under” me and learn from my exposition of Scripture as the household pastor and Bible teacher [Ephesians 5:25-26]

49 An add-on to #41, to make sure I don’t confuse anyone as to my meaning. It would be fine if she thinks I treat her differently than other people treat her, not differently than I treat other people. A subtle, yet big difference. Should I be less respectful, less polite, or less pleasant toward others, implied if I am more so toward her? That would be favoritism: covetous of her, and deceitful to her.

~ Rak Chazak

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