Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Letters To My Wife, Introduction

I'm exploring a possible theme, here, and that's to use my down-time to write real-live love-letters to my future wife/fiancée, and when appropriate, post them here. If I can induce others to want to write and receive the same, that would be a welcome development. Thoughtfulness in relationships is definitely something worth fostering.

This first one is appended to a letter I sent to a friend I met in college. I figured she'd like to read it, and if I write something I really like, I don't want to wait years to share it, you know? Nevertheless, these letters, as with portions of my private Journal written in the 2nd person, will be something I'll eventually share with the love of my life once I've found her.

Your Hakam Adam

~ Rak Chazak

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