Tuesday, July 1, 2014

High School Deja Vu'

These images are taken from my personal Journal. Seeing as they tend to include more sensitive information, such as people's names, locations, etc, (mainly for the benefit of my memory when I read the entries down the road) these will be modified to protect that information, whenever I post them. Yay Photoshop.

Referenced in this upload are two of my prior Journals, Journal Blue (first half of 7th grade) and Journal Footprints (second half, through most of 12th grade). These are where I developed a fair deal of my writing style, and are entertaining to read because of the charming obliviousness and confusion I display on the subject of young ladies. This is the background info for why the title of the post is 'Deja vu.' In a move to apply more maturity to my thought process, instead of fantasizing about a relationship which would be in many ways inappropriate, I decided to reflect on my brain's activity and consider what ultimate purpose it might be designed for.

~ Rak Chazak

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