Tuesday, June 24, 2014

AWPATT IV: June 20-23 (Thoughts 20-23)

20 1 Cor 11:15a “For if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her.” Long hair is better than short hair. Neither is de facto unfeminine or sinful, and it’s certainly fine for it to be trimmed at the ends. But there is something magnificent about a woman for whom her hair is at once both her primary article of clothing and jewelry.

21 She shouldn’t be ambivalent or friendly toward people who are enemies of mine. This falls under a larger umbrella point of not having the attitude that “it’s no big deal” toward things that are a really big deal to me. You need to approach the same subjects with the same degree of seriousness, to connect with one another.

22 I’ve only recently (really, this year) wrestled with the idea of even considering marrying someone more than a year or two younger than me. But it would be far easier to tolerate this proposition if it could be said about her that “she’s wise beyond her years.”

23 If I say something ambiguous, interpreting it in the best possible way is a sign of a generous heart. A charitable view of the other person’s tone & intentions is an absolute necessity.

~ Rak Chazak


  1. See what I meant in my message to you? The hair thing. Suppose there are certain unavoidable reasons why a woman has to keep her hair short? I can think of a few of them just off the top of my head.

    1. Well, sure, if she's been in military service or had cancer or donated her hair or was in an accident (involving fire or requiring head surgery) or something along those lines, that's out of your control or a very reasonable requirement, then you can clearly see that the person's motivation isn't out of a rejection of the femininity of long-haired-ness. So much of this will boil down to motivations. Is something incidental, or indicative of sinful rebelliousness?

      Also, I made sure to say that neither long hair nor short hair is inherently sinful--both could be, if either one becomes an idol for the person. But the Biblical reference would support my personal belief that *all else equal,* long hair is more feminine and appealing.