Monday, June 2, 2014

Poem: It's A Virtue

It’s a Virtue
The woman who, engaged with me,
in 2 or 3 more years will be
(if even I am ready then
to bring on board that lifelong friend)
will need to have a patient heart
to tolerate our time apart.
I move more slowly than the moon
and won’t commit to marry soon,
but will commit to study whether
it’s worth committing, altogether.
I’ve lived two decades and a half
and as I tread my lonely path
I’ve pondered which fate would be worse—
—to never marry, or divorce.
In my view, I have but one shot:
to try, and do, or try it not.
And so, I know that when I find
that beauty which can make me blind
to ever wanting to do more
than show her what I’ve waited for,
I know the wise thing is to show
her who I am, so we can know
each other’s hearts before we stake
our future on what choice we make.
I’m not a fool, I don’t expect
to marry someone who’s perfect,
but rather, I am well aware
that such a view precedes despair.
Indeed, in part because of sin
I want,  before I enter in,
to bare the blackness of my heart
so that it’s out, before we start.
That way, neither has excuse
to say that “it is no more use,
I don’t even know you any more.
I’m done, I’m walking out the door.”
Perhaps my rationale now shows.
The longer courtship I propose
is absolute necessity.
It will take time for use to be
acquainted to the level which
will spare us from a common ditch.
And that is why my perfect girl
is simply she who will endure
and understands that first we must
build up a strong and mutual trust
so that we can discern, and see
if she can be a part of me,
and I a part of her as well;
these things take time, and time will tell.
~ Rak Chazak

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