Friday, August 30, 2013

Poem: Who Can Find? Based on Proverbs 31

Who Can Find?
A wife of noble character,
who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies
or silver in the mine.
Her husband trusts her utterly,
she his wife,
who brings him good and never harm
all throughout his life.
Industrious, a careful planner,
getting up at dawn.
Ordering economy
to hither and to yon.
Working hard beside her man
she feeds her family.
She makes investments, buys and sells,
yes, independently.
Sound in body, sound in mind.
Her lamp stays on at night.
Her skillset is both deep and wide.
She aids the needy’s plight.
She isn’t worried when it snows,
her household is well clothed.
Her man takes part in civic life
and governs ‘mong the old.
Clothed with strength and dignity,
she laughs at days ahead.
She isn’t absent from her home.
She eats no idle bread.
She speaks with wise and faithful words.
Her children call her blessed.
Her husband tells her, in his eyes,
she ‘passes all the rest!
It matters not if she be fair
for beauty wastes away.
It matters if she fears the Lord—
for that, she shall be praised!
Deserving to be honored for
the deeds she did in patience,
then praise her well, and let her be
well-known throughout the nations.
The husband should do his part, too,
but that’s another rhyme.
Right now we’ve focused on the wife
who’s very hard to find.
Can men like me have any hope
to find a woman true?
The dearth of “Proverbs 31s”
can make a guy feel blue.
But don’t forget, a wife like that
was hand-designed by God,
and He can do an encore, too,
as often as He wants.

Proverbs 31's "The Good Wife", NKJV version, at Bible Gateway, at this link.

~ Rak Chazak

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