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Monster Poem: The Bible for Girls -- 128 Lines Long!

I told a friend I was really excited about writing poems, since as long as I put pen to paper, great lines just seemed to roll off the ballpoint onto the page. So I asked her for a topic idea and she suggested I write something about sisters. So that's what I tried to do. It expanded into about young women in general, and after a point of empathizing as a single man, gained a thematic focus about what sort of insight into how to live our lives that single people, in particular girls, can gain from the Bible. Please do give me feedback, and share it with others if you think it's worth so doing.

The Bible for Girls

Part I

Something that is not explicit in the Bible book
Is where the little women in our lives should go to look
for passages that tell them how their gender ought to be
Most commands seem to be aimed at guys like you and me
All the him’s and he’s and man’s and men’s and sons and boys
seem to be describing that which frequently annoys:
A patriarchal custom which ignores the unwed girl
and gives no heed to womenkind throughout the whole wide world
Are they esteemed as less than men? Why should this ever be?
Is it their plight to be perceived by men as property?
The modern liberal-educated woman might perceive
that old religious books are merely man-made, and deceive
but this is merely one more modern way to find excuse
to disregard  the difficult and leave it to disuse.
The Bible isn’t hard to understand for those who try
The answers are revealed to those who seek them, by and by
So what then do we make of what appears to be a lack
of Biblical prescriptions for how ladies ought to act?
The ones that mention women all appear to be for wives
but what of those among us who are living single lives?
As a man both young and single, I can sympathize
For we unwed it seems that marriage does but tantalize
It seems a simple thing to use your energies to love
the person who’s right next to you, in praise of God above
but if there’s no one in your bed for whom you have ‘amor’
how can you live for God until the day you’re spoken for?
In fact, the Bible’s full of verses that describe for you
as single men or women, many things which you can do
to give God glory, whether you were born a boy or girl
The reason for the language used, I now wish to unfurl
In older languages, the masculine and plural mean
that both the genders are implied, thus “kings” can cover “queen”
Context will determine if the crowd is only male
Often, it’s generic, and this does affect the tale

Part II

If ev-ery address before the Israelites was done
so that the words applied themselves to each and every one
who heard the words the prophets spoke, directed “to a man”
including all the womenfolk and children in the land
then all the words that follow are for women hearers too!
In this way, almost everything that’s written is for you
The only parts that are exempt are those which specify
that they are rules for fathers, mothers, husbands, God, and wives
Those plurals do not cover all, unlike the prior list
I hope there’s no more things left to explain that I have missed
You should now see that nearly everywhere where God descends (intends?)
to give a law for all mankind, it isn’t just for men.

Part III

Yet, ladies, you are special, I acknowledge that it’s true
and there indeed are passages that only speak to you
But such exist for men as well, the reason being thus:
God acknowledges that He placed differences in us
and these account for why He’s given each of us a role
dependent on our destiny as written on our soul.
Men are made to model certain aspects of God’s heart
Women complement these roles and each sex plays a part
in working hand in hand, at modeling divinity
by leading and submitting, like the Holy Trinity.
God is God. The Father isn’t greater ‘cause He leads
And men aren’t ‘over women,’ no, each half of us still needs
to lean upon the other so we do not slip or fall
The way that we accomplish this’s by answering the call
to live our lives according to the framework handed down
and not reject our gender’s roles because we feel too proud
Some men are just as unwilling to lead a wife or child
as many women are to be submissive when they’re riled
But whether we agree with God is not the question here
It’s whether we’ll obey our Lord because we hold Him dear
And note, what I have said above now isn’t for us all
but only those who choose to marry, if that be their call
It’s true the gender differences in Christianity
are mainly just apparent for the ones who married be
The followers of Christ who haven’t yet to give their hand
to one another in a bond, identical still stand
In large part, I should say, at least. The Church, you see, remains
a further symbol of a bride God washes clean of stains
And so, the order isn’t gone, it’s just in different realms
In corporate worship you should see a pastor at the helm
And all the other members are the flock he’s got to lead
So you and I, as single folk, be careful where we feed!
Whom to marry’s most important, so is where to take
your soul to gain from sermons and its natural thirst to slake
So with good reason, Scripture does devote much time to teach
the way to be a godly spouse, and what a church should preach

Part IV

It might seem like you’re all left out, because you’re still unwed
but this just isn’t true, because He’ll sanctify you yet
What do you think the purpose of this season you are in
is all about if not to learn the best way to begin
the next phase that you’re yearning for, so that it all goes well
and you will love your chosen spouse more than you love yourself?
You’re not just killing time while single, you are learning how
to be a godly wife or husband in the here and now
Then, when the time is right for you to join yourself with them
you’ll have no fear because the Christ is with you to the end
And if you’d rather be a single witness for the Lord
you’re not alone! Paul thought that those like you could do much more
Because you’re not “tied down,” there are more risks that you can take
And missions you can shoulder which a married wife can’t make
A single girl or single guy can be a mighty force
when they are shining brightly so the world knows they’re the Lord’s
The path diverges at the point of marriage. What you choose
will only change the avenue through which you spread the News
A married spouse will teach their children and community
the truth of God by modeling to them the Trinity
A single man or woman can be fearless in the throng
which threatens them with life and limb and blames them for all wrong
Of course, there can be overlap, and martyrs may be wives
just as single people can live long and healthy lives
Whatever happens to you, you can rest assured of this:
what’s waiting on the other side is God and total bliss
The choice for you to make down here is how you wish to serve
Be married to a man, or God, for which[ever] you have the nerve
Neither choice is right or wrong, it all depends on whether
you step out in your human power or have Christ as your tether
The Bible’s rich in helpful words to guide you in your path
as you endeavor to exhort sinners to flee His wrath

Part V

You face a choice like I do also, hence my lengthy rhymes
Marriage is a journey I have thought o’er many times
And though I’ve tried to sculpt this letter for a single theme
my thoughts seem to return to this, no matter how I scheme
It’s just as well, because the answer to the question asked
was given way up in ‘Part II,’ and then I took the task
to flesh out all the loose ends that I brought up as I went
 And now, I think I’ve wrapped it up. I hope that what I meant
to say was understood by all who read it through the end
A final word: no matter what, the Lord will be your friend
whether you remain unwed or marry in this life
God will carry you through every single human strife
Just be sure to love Him more than any earthly man
and I assert that you’ll enjoy discovering His plan.

~ Rak Chazak

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