Friday, August 30, 2013

Poem: Preach Unto Death

Preach Unto Death
If life is Christ and death is gain
this brings perspective to the pain
What can this world do to me now?
I know it’s all been planned somehow
The light in me is from above
He changed my heart and taught me love
Now all I want to do is strive
to work hard while I’m still alive
and reach out with unwavering hands
to preach the Gospel in the land
to bear the jeers and scorn and strife
to urge them to take hold of Life
to speak against the Culture Kings,
exposing worthless worldly things.
They’ll hate me, and already do
As Sol’mon asks, “what else is new?”
If truth was authored by our lust
then Man’d be God, and God be dust
We go to them because they’re Lost
no matter what the earthly cost
And while I write this, we are free
to go and preach from sea to sea
So let us then, while there’s still time,
go do the task of the Divine
A gift and duty, both in one
We worship Father, Spirit, Son
by boldly praising His great name
to those who think us quite insane
We’ll gladly take their scorn and ire
Our passion for the Christ is higher
If you’re not standing for Him now,
when persecution comes, then how?
Now stand the mob inimical
for soon it may turn physical.
The faith which gives you comfort here
could soon result in shaking fear,
for those whose pride now clouds their brain
may be the reason you get slain.
Are you prepared to face the end
without a single earthly friend?
But if I die before my time,
I’ll praise the Lord, for He is mine!

Oh yes, there are more to come! The longest one yet is still ahead :)

~ Rak Chazak

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