Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Currently in the Works

No promises as to whether I'll actually accomplish the things listed, because some have been on my to-do list for a few months, but then again, I've turned out 3,000-word posts in single days before, so it's possible.

Here's what I'm working on offline, and when I have a stroke of writing inspiration, I finish one off and post it.

* An evaluation of the lyrics to Globus' Europa, to investigate the religio-nationalism of the song.
* A post on whether it's acceptable for Christians to use anonymity or pseudonymity, particularly online.
* Thoughts on dying young/before you expect
* A criticism of how 'honors' programs and societies put stragglers in a Catch-22
* Three poems:
     - Proverbs 31 put to rhyme
     - On preaching the Gospel even if it leads to your death
     - (My favorite so far): A poem exploring whether Christians who care about the souls of their Jewish friends should want to pray for the Second Coming to be soon, or not.

The poems are actually already finished. I'm keeping them on hand to post later in the month. I initially wrote them in snail-mail letters to some friends, and they haven't gotten them yet.

Here's one that I sent a while ago.

The kind of romances that last
Are not the ones we enter fast
But those in which we patiently
Engage the other healthily.
And when we think we've found our love
We must take note, we're not enough!
To satisfy a human heart
We need to bid our God take part.

'til next time!

~ Rak Chazak

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