Thursday, August 29, 2013

Poem: Seoul


Today I met a lovely girl.
There’s no one like her in the world.
Those may seem like strong words to speak,
but I simply mean that she’s unique.
Like me, she runs to exercise.
She lights the day up with her eyes
and smiled as wide as any sky
when she referred to God on High.
She said that she was single still,
and would defer to wed until
she’d met a guy who loved the Lord.
At that point, feelings in me warred,
some wanting to break free and shout,
“I am the guy you’re talking ‘bout!”
but quiet I remained, and said,
that “that’s encouraging,” instead.

We bonded over late-night runs.
I deemed our conversation fun,
and rather than have no more way
to get in touch after today,
I asked her if she’d like to come
and run at Relay with my mum.
That’s where I met her, first last year.
To think that I would find her here!
At Wal-Mart, where I came to get
my bike exchanged for a better set (of wheels).
The Bible says that though a man
may make a thorough-sounding plan,
the Lord directs his steps to go
to places and people that He knows
will have an impact on his soul
and guide him toward his heav’nly goal.

What greater purpose might this meeting
yet have, since it was so fleeting?
I can’t know, and I will not guess,
but I will pray the Lord to bless
this girl, with whom I passed the time,
and of whom I’ve composed this rhyme.
I don’t wish to imply that she
has fallen, or will fall for me.
But even if she never will,
I can’t deny, I felt a thrill—
--to think that somewhere near to me,
there could a single Christian be!
both close in age and beauteous.
I had thought there were few of us.
But now my heart has hope again—

--Yes, even if we’ll just be friends.

~ Rak Chazak

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