Monday, July 29, 2013

Extreme Tedium

Tedium is just a 'smarter sounding' word for 'tediousness.' And I like how it evokes the word 'medium,' as in a 'means, substance or force' through which one travels, as if to figuratively imply that tedium is like a thick soup of boredom that one has to slog through and risks getting stuck in. That's how I feel about job-searching on the internet. 

The internet is a great thing in the sense that it allows us to reach out to an infinitude of bits of information, in this case career listings. But the internet has so much stuff in it that your browser can become glutted by useless information that initially seemed promising but in the end is just a waste of time. I bet there's a brain-chemistry relationship between the impulse hoarders feel and the sensation "normal people" (a mythical creature no one has ever seen) have when we abuse the "open in new tab" function as we search youtube videos or articles that cater to our interests.

In the case of jobs, I'm not terribly addicted to clicking on link after link, so the same mechanic that leads to an enjoyable waste of time now leads to an unenjoyable waste of time. Alas, this is a "necessary evil," in the sense that what is evil is what annoys you. Doing stuff you don't get a thrill from doing (while looking for jobs, incidentally) is a good preparation for working a steady job in the future, when tedium is to be expected. 

I just made myself laugh.

~ Rak Chazak

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