Friday, July 19, 2013

Personal Life Updates

Different people who read blogs read for different reasons. So I figured I'd make a short post telling about some things that have gone on with me this summer (not extremely personal, but then, we all have different standards for that, don't we?).

I had my first ever "conference call," when I called up my insurance company to see if it was they or the provider that had goofed up the insurance information. There were three of us all on the line simultaneously. So cool! I want to know if it's possible to do the same with a standard phone, because that was really useful. Or could be, for a variety of purposes.

I helped my mom move in a new couch. My brother got the older one, and whoever moves out first, says mom, gets to take it with them. That may be a trick, considering that upon moving out, it's unlikely one would have a big place, and so they may not have room for the couch!

My county fair out in Nowheresville, Nothingburg had some "KJV-only" guys there handing out material (including jolly ranchers, yum!). I butted heads with them a little and it didn't look like I was listened to at all, but I managed to express to them that I wanted them to be encouraged, but I "in love, must tell you that I disagree," with their emphasis on the KJV being the only acceptable English translation. The KJV is a fine translation, but it misses things that the others (like the ESV, NASB, etc) cover, and vice versa. However, of all the things to disagree with someone over, I'm glad it's a preference like this (they told me they did not think that you were unsaved if you disagreed with them), and not an essential doctrine of salvation. The Gospel run-through that they gave me was on target, so I came away relieved. Naturally, I thought of several great 'stumper' questions I could've asked, long afterward.

Also at the county fair, there was a "Right to Life" booth, and I discovered that Planned Parenthood actually has a shop in my town! Totally unmarked from the street, of course. I've driven by where its address is several times and never seen such a sign. You know why that is? They instinctively know it's a shameful thing they're doing, and want to hide it.

I finished the first paperback book (leisure reading) of the summer. It was about dinosaurs being discovered on an unexplored planet in the far future. Mildly interesting in the middle but tedious in the beginning and underwhelming in its 100-page post-climax conclusion. It was the first book I'd read, other than 1984, since going to college--that wasn't assigned reading.

I tried to explain what 'fainting' is to an 8-year-old, and I think he understood. Hard to tell. I saw fireworks both on July 3rd and July 4th, which is the only time I've done that if you don't count the private fireworks a few years ago in the West Virginia Panhandle. One of those hit the side of a house and exploded on the ground. FUN.

I found out that I'm the picture of perfect health except that I'm "unbelievably allergic," according to the professional allergist. Details in previous blog post.

I painted the front porch and primed the walls in my bathroom (mom painted them). Things are getting rather spiffy around the house. The garage looks like an actual workshop and not a parts-dump, now. And our Jack Russel Terrier is getting white hairs on previously all-black parts of his head and ears. He's 11 years old. You should see his leg muscles. It's ridiculous. His muscles ripple beneath the fur. They're a "big dog in a small dog's body." Tons of energy. All that running after tennis balls (and frogs--I think he likes to bite anything that bounces) is probably why he's so fit. 

Til later!

~ Rak Chazak

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