Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Woman Is Not the Adventure, Guys!

Here's a short blurb from a conversation I had with a girl on facebook recently. The background for it is a principle I encountered while reading the book Wild At Heart, by John Eldredge.

[Parenthesis: I don't remember much of the book, only a few take-aways in terms of themes that I interpreted from it. When I read it, I was in the beginning of my, let's say, Spiritual (meaning the Holy Spirit, not some vague mystical nonsense) reawakening, and was still in the process of learning key doctrines and becoming better skilled at discerning good theology. So I should note that there are a number of critiques of his book(s) out there, but my intent here is not to promote the book, but to exposit a theme, which is certainly Biblical, that I got out of it, and I'm merely attributing the source. If you choose to read it for yourself, do check out a number of book reviews, pray and exercise discernment.]

“Many boys make this mistake, to idolize the woman and treat HER as the adventure but this is a mistake. No girl wants, on the inside, for her relationship with another to be all about her. She knows herself and it gets boring when a guy treats you as a goddess. Women want a relationship to be about something more than just them; they want an adventure to be taken ON. Woman is not the adventure. She is the partner to be taken on the adventure. In the rush to honor woman, many men mistakenly worship her, in effect. But no mere man is worthy of worship; it's not what we're made for. We're made to realize that there's something GREATER than us, and to pursue it. Making woman the object of your life pursuit is an easy fallacy to fall into and it leads to many aching relationships and frustrated women"

Falling for this mistaken view makes woman the GOAL in herself, which she is not. She has a purpose too, and it is not to be self-fulfilled. That’s the false gospel of hedonism that leads so many people to do destructive things these days. You find your fulfillment outside yourself. And the only true fulfillment is in Christ.

~Rak Chazak

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