Friday, March 7, 2014

Voter Fraud Is A Sign of Accountability-Awareness

My insight after the 2012 election, sent as an email to a few younger conservative friends:
I think it's fair to assume from this point on that every election will be an unfair election. If we manage to elect a conservative, or even a Republican, into office it will be a miracle. And I'm not using that term flippantly. I mean that if we put a non-leftist into office, it will be profoundly significant. 
But the worst part is this: we can't treat the electoral system as a broken system. We have to keep going to the polls and voting honestly. The irony is that election fraud is only perpetuated so long as these people think they have to fake genuine elections in order to win. If they get the idea that they don't even have to pretend anymore, we'll be like Mexico or Iran. The democrat will win with 10% more votes than the exit polls show that there was turnout in favor of them. And then we will have lost all hope of retaking the country by peaceful means. Violent revolution will be the only possible alternative at that point, and there's no guarantee of its success. So no matter how bad this all seems, we cannot let the democrats illegitimize the electoral system. We have to keep exercising our right to vote and fight against their attempts to undermine confidence in the government. If the People give up demanding accountability of the government, then all is lost.
For context, do a search on election fraud in the 2012 election. There are many sites making claims, and though there's bound to be sensationalism, some are also very legitimate. But it wasn't because of fraud, real or imagined, that Obama won the election. It's because somewhere around HALF of all eligible conservative voters stayed home. If the People don't exercise their right to vote, they fully deserve the government they inherit.

~ Rak Chazak

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