Saturday, March 8, 2014

Personal Life Update, February Edition

Since my last input early in December, I've gotten my tax papers (haven't filed yet, but I think I'll do that online and knock out two things at once), and have to hop on the internet to make 'Income-Based-Repayment' official, so I don't have to pay anything (leaving me free to pay interest). I've found that interest on loans is tax-refundable, so you bet your bottom dollar (no joke, sadly) that I'm going to pay $200/month to my loan servicer to make sure I get a $2400 tax refund next fiscal year AND keep the loan principals from going up. 

What I consider unnecessary drama at work is providing some subtle motivation for me to reignite my search for degree-relevant work nearby. Now that I've worked long enough to build up a buffer in my bank account, I've bought a vehicle and it allows me now to drive farther to interviews and makes me independent of my family's schedules with regard to whether they can drive me or not, on such and such a day at such and such a time. The independence is giving me the confidence to consider a sustained job-search in the coming months to be worth it.

I've applied for a membership at my local Y, and been fortunate enough to still have a temporary pass over a month later, because the lady who handles the requests got the flu. Basically, I didn't only get to skirt the joining fee, I got the first month free. And still going. I've run into quite a few people I recognize from high school, there. Most remarkable was a once-pudgy girl who I initially mistook for a high school athlete, until I recognized her face. She could probably kick my butt seven ways to Sunday (is that how the phrase goes?), and she needs to be able to, too, because she's a cop now. I can't recall if it was a State Trooper or Sheriff gig, but the neat thing about that is that she's hitherto the most professionally stable individual I've met. One other guy has been working on his family farm since graduation. The rest of us that I've run into are in service jobs and either living with parents or hopping around from one bad living arrangement to another. Or still at college. 

Incidentally, I learned that Police take care of towns and cities, and Sheriffs have the rest of the counties and rural areas. State Troopers are everywhere(?). So now I know the difference. I am 24. It takes me a while to get things....hey, everybody advances at different rates in different aspects! ;) That's my story and I'm sticking to it, anyway.

I also got hit on for the first time by a gay guy, which was a fascinating thing to me and something I'll be writing a summary of in an upcoming post, maybe by tomorrow. Allow me to bluster for amusement: 'You know, if you're so good-looking other guys find you irresistible, you've really got it going on.' Haha. And maybe this is, half-seriously, an indication that my typical personality is ambiguous enough to be perceived as flirtatious by people, depending on their opinion of me, attraction-wise. Works for me. Though I do wish I got more compliments from 20-somethings than I do from senior citizens when I'm working. I take it all in stride, nevertheless.

And that's what's going on.

~ Rak Chazak

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