Thursday, May 1, 2014

What Encourages Me

The fourth phase of my online study in Christendom introduced me to theological discernment. Learning how to tell the difference between right and almost-right, as C H Spurgeon put it, became my endeavor after I had absorbed and incorporated the really meaty Reformed theological doctrines, complete with their nuances. I understand in the abstract. Now has come the testing, to see whether I can pinpoint the problems with modern false teachings. I'm not confident in my own capacity to do so, yet, and so at present my preferred media substrate of choice is blogs and analyses of current events from older, more well-trained and astute Christians.
Lemme explain that "fourth phase" reference really quick: When I came out of my crisis in Spring 2010, I encountered Answers in Genesis and read a lot of stuff that made sense. But I realized that the one big thing they took for granted in every article was that the Bible is inerrant. Nothing wrong with that, but I realized that before I continued learning, I had to justify this presupposition for myself. Phase I therefore concerned investigating claims against the Bible's reliability and resolving them. Phase II concerned investigating Biblical Creation and discovering the exciting truth that the straightforward reading of Scripture is confirmed by all avenues of rigorous scientific study. Phase III covered study of other religious alternatives and thus debunking them, and moving deeper into my understanding of Christian doctrines through the use of GotQuestions' topical subjects; this was also when I began to listen a lot to On the Box with Ray Comfort and the guys at Living Waters. I also became introduced to Wretched through a video addressing the differences between Protestantism and Catholicism. Fast forward to today, and while I check in to see what news has transpired on AiG and CMI's websites, my main diet concerns Elizabeth Prata's digest of current events at The End Time (she's a prolific blogger) and Wretched Radio programs. So I've passed through Salvation, Education, and Reformation, and am now busy taking what I can get from trusted Christian sources for my further Sanctification. I can't express my full appreciation of the discernment I've been able to receive from them.
Today I turn over to AiG, a ministry that focuses very singularly on subjects relating to an orthodox ("Young-Earth") theology of origins, and the very foundational early portions of the Bible. Incidentally, very much is relevant to it, because of how relevant origins are to salvation. The Gospel is rooted in the history in Genesis, CEO Ken Ham often says.

Therefore there was not much surprise, but rather, relief, to see Ken doing what he does so well: blowing the trumpet, metaphorically, as a watchdog against theological compromise, warning the Church of new influences in the culture that would undermine Christianity.

Ken's personal blog post: 
A 'front-page' analysis on AiG's website of the book:
Al Mohler's article (referenced in the above link):

While I was offline, a new book got published by a homosexual person who claims to be Christian, and his intent is to persuade anyone he can to believe that same sex marriage is Biblically supported and that same sex relationships are not sinful.

There's far too much that goes on for me to be able to keep tabs on all by myself. So I'm very happy that there are ever-present watchdogs out there, shouldering the responsibility of warning people of things that corrupt, and educating them with things that edify.

It gives me relief. I'm not God, and it's both outside of my power and my responsibility to keep track of ALL that transpires. Knowing from seeing that there are men and women out there being alert when I can not, and telling the truth when and where I can not, it gives me a great, resounding relief, and is a boon to my trust in God, because it gives me yet further confidence in the faith that I have. The object of faith (God) is not lacking, but the subject (me) can be weak, in his ignorance. If something (something good!) gives you encouragement in your faith, that's great, latch on to it and use it to propel you along.

That's what I'll be doing.

~ Rak Chazak

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