Monday, April 22, 2013

One of My Life Verses

Genesis 2:18a 
It is not good for the man to be alone.
That's what comes to mind every time I sit up late, waiting to go to bed, when I think, "you know, if I was married, I would have a reason to go to bed early." When I get a "pang" of feeling lonely, this verse tells me the reason why. I'm not made to be on my own. I'm worse off this way. This is not to say that marriage will solve all my problems -- the foolish man or woman who thinks that is setting themselves up for a lot of anguish. The center of my life should be Christ, no matter how much I might yearn for secondary blessings. Yet, since "every good and perfect gift is from above," (James 1:17), and upon instituting marriage between Adam and Eve, creation went from being "good" to "very good," (Genesis 1:31), I am hopeful that the love of a woman -- and a fellow child of God and co-heir with Christ, no less (Romans 8:17) -- will be a gift that God sees fit to grant me one day. He's under no obligation to. And I understand that in His wisdom He might choose a different path for me. But I pray, in accordance with 1 John 5:14, that if it be in accordance with His will, that He will build me up so that I can be a gift to her as well, and that He will fulfill my desire. Oh, I hope that it is a godly desire, and not a fleshly lust, so that I will not be denied it.

Until then, I plead with Him, on the basis that "it is not good for the man to be alone," and trust Him even if His answer is not what I would like. But oh how I hope He'll say "yes." 

~Rak Chazak

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