Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another unintended consequence

This refers to the previous post that points out how accusing men who DARE say that women should take preventive action to reduce their risk of rape, of "blaming the victim," is actually sexist when you follow the reasoning.

Guys who tend to get accused of this in online fora (I speak as one, but also as an observer) tend to be more thoughtful than their genuinely misogynistic counterparts, and are willing to stick their necks out and put forth reasoning that there's a risk people won't bother to read or understand, and choose to mock and slander them and accuse them of being secret rapists and haters of women, as punishment for saying what they really think...

The feminist attack on such men feeds into an existing narrative among chauvinist males, that being their paradigm that states that men should never bother reasoning with women. They shouldn't be thoughtful, shouldn't be honest, shouldn't be truthful about what they really think. The chauvinists think that the best way to interact with women is to ignore them, be withdrawn in conversation, and when you do speak, to make witty comments that put them off center and make them competitive, to artificially create a situation where the woman is voluntarily dependent on praise from a man who doesn't respect her enough to share with her who he really is. It's incredibly manipulative.

So by accusing thoughtful men, who don't spout the identical narrative that 3rd-wave-feminists expect, of secretly being sexist etc, feminists encourage the sexist ideas that men should never be open and honest with women, because they (women) resent truthfulness and sincerity (which I don't believe, but can you see how it would reinforce it among someone who believes or is prepared to believe it?), and so you should accommodate their lack of intelligence and attention span by eschewing intellectual conversation and simply making occasional backward insult/compliments to throw her off guard and maker her think that that kind of guy is engaging and fun to communicate with.

I'm sure there are some women who can be manipulated this way. It nevertheless doesn't mean that the chauvinist narrative is correct. But for shame, feminists who proclaim to be ambassadors in defense of and on behalf of women, do themselves feed into and by their resentful actions against responsible men who don't speak the way they would like end up promoting sexism and the cultural influence of chauvinists.

Feminists like this really don't know what's good for them.

Once again, Feminism = Sexism. Disagree? Let's hear it.

~ Rak Chazak

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