Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Second Real Election, First Real Ballot Win

For me, not for some candidate or party in particular.

In 2012, on every single issue that came up on referendum in the state I live in, not to mention the presidential election, I picked the losing side. This year, with the exception of two offices, I picked every winner, both local and state level as well as state and local initiatives.

It feels nice not to be losing all the time.

But my relief is tempered by the knowledge that it's only a temporary victory. Our final destiny on this side of eternity--especially if we are close to the end--is to be defeated, not to conquer. It is by being overcome that the saints overcome, following in the imitation of Christ who dying, defeated death. Our victory will not be political in nature, so let's not be tempted by the same trap as the Jews, who both in Jesus' time as well as right this very moment are expecting a conquering Savior to come and destroy the ungodly nations and set up His everlasting kingdom from Zion. Mark, that day will come, but "in this life you will have tribulation." Don't lose sight of that detail. Don't get distracted by the alluring prize of political victories.

Bear in mind that the more important goal than winning elections is winning souls. If the Gospel suffers while we secure greater freedom or prosperity, what have we gained? We already know that our lives are not graded by how well we lived for ourselves, for our own sake. What matters in eternity is how well we died to self, and lived for God, promoting His cause--the good news of salvation--above all earthly causes.

I'm keenly political and a diehard conservative pundit at heart, by virtue of the nature of my transformation between 2010-12. But thanks to the faithful God-centered guidance by ministries like Answers in Genesis, Grace to You, The Way of the Master and Wretched Radio, I'm totally convinced that any gains, while they help us, are a mirage, if they are not accompanied, or better, underpinned, by solid and faithful Gospel preaching. You can't change the world without changing the world's hearts. This shouldn't be the primary motivation of preaching, but it should be the first priority in politics. What are you working for, if you're trying to get out the Christian vote when the Christians are dying and not being replaced? Political activism in the cause of conservatism is PERFECTLY FUTILE if it is sought after for its own sake, and not simply accepted as a gratifying side effect of truly converted souls reached by God's Word.

And if politics has no point to it if the Gospel isn't in it, then it is perfectly clear that the only thing worth pushing the agenda for is the spread of said Gospel. Political victories are nice, but they aren't the ends, and they aren't even the means by which we secure lasting victories in the name of God. The only cause worth fighting is God's cause, and that means that no matter whether we win or lose politically, we will always bring the discussion back to the Biblical truth, and always turn attention away from us toward God. In humility sacrificing our own desires for success in government for the greater good of touching as many lives as possible with the truth we've been entrusted, and giving the final results to God.

That's the only way to be content, whether the temporary fight is a win or a rout.

And in a strictly theological sense, consider, with the good feeling you feel when you win an election, imagine how much grander the relief will be when the greatest of all victories is finally realized: when Jesus is King of Earth for a thousand years, and vanquishes once and for all the gridlock, the partisanship, the corruption, the special interests and the man-centered rule of law that perverts the name of justice in all the earth today?

Take the short term success in stride and keep your eyes fixed on the prize: Jesus, and evangelism. Jesus and evangelism. Jesus and evangelism.
"But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven...; for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." ~ Matthew 6:20-21
~ Rak Chazak

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