Sunday, October 26, 2014

Which Quotes Will Be Famously Poignant 100 Years From Now? One Idea.

The title expresses my whole thought. And here is the quote-du-jour that sparked it.
Our society is rapidly not just drifting away from its once-biblical foundation, but it is actively and aggressively attacking this foundation. For years, Christian leaders, including myself, have been saying that we are heading toward a time when Christians are going to be persecuted and even jailed for what they believe. Many people thought we were crazy, that nothing like that would ever happen in America, but it’s happening right now before our eyes. Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis
More food for thought at the link. Lots of other possible quotes.

I think of Dietrich Bonhoffer's quote, "silence in the face of evil is itself evil. Not to act is to act." (paraphrased), which references the Nazi Holocaust. Bonhoffer was executed just a few months before the war ended, but his stark stand on behalf of the oppressed has been memorialized in this generation as his words have made the rounds on social media in connection with the modern day abortion holocaust. 70-some years removed.

What passionate statements will become increasingly poignant in future decades, as 'evil men, being deceived, go from worse to worse?'

~ Rak Chazak

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