Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Poem: Awe

I wrote this poem over text to a friend one night when I was walking the dog before bed and looking up at the stars.

The airplanes flying overhead
In contrast to my waiting bed
Bespeak no comfort, only awe
And ‘mind me of the sight I saw
The night before, when in the chill
Of falling Winter I stood still
And contemplated yet once more
The wonders which remain in store

The Maker of the stars above
Has promised to bequeath in love
To those who hold him dear at heart
A grander world in which t’ take part

If knowing how enormous all
The stars are makes you feel so small
As to be speechless at the sight
Of brilliant pinpricks in the night
Then let your wide eyes squint in light
Of Him who made both day and night
And whom, like stars, we know in part
Because of the surrounding dark

For that which makes you stare amazed
Is not the spots that color space
But what they say about the source
Who placed and set them on their course
If nature so strikes awe in men
That they revere it, even when
It proves itself an unfit king,
Then what of Him who made all things?
Should not the God of nature too
Strike awe in hearts of men like you?
And unlike nature, God does not
Consider us a ‘pale blue dot’
It’s true He wants you to feel small
When you are deep in nature’s thrall
It’s so that you’ll depend on Him

Since power comes not from within.

I've noticed that the Orion constellation now contains the "scabbard" stars, but when I looked for them all summer I couldn't see them. I wonder if there's an astronomical explanation for this? That perhaps the sky is clearer in the winter and the longer nights means that there is less light and dust pollution that obscures fainter stars. At any rate, despite the cold, I'm enjoying my nighttime walks a lot right now, since the sky is rarely overcast.

~ Rak Chazak

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